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Lesson price: £45 an hour

Manual Driving Lessons

My name is Mark and having worked in the professional golf industry for twenty years I decided to combine my passion for teaching and driving, therefore I can offer you manual driving lessons in the Guildford area. You will find my approach calm, supportive, detailed and thorough.

Should you need it, I will also help you with your theory test,  when we commence your driving lessons.

Attention to detail is one of my strong points, as I believe that this leads to a higher standard of driving for all my students. Nervous pupils are welcome as I understand how much of a challenge it can be for some of us on today's busy roads.

Maybe you are a full licence holder and just need a little confidence building.  With that in mind I am also offering 'Refresher Driving Lessons'. Maybe you have had a time away from driving, not driven in the UK for a while or simply need to get to grips with a new car. I can carry out refresher driving lessons in my dual controlled car or your own car.

I enjoy meeting people and I aim to present my lessons in a fun and effective style because I know that if your lessons are fun, you will not only learn quicker, but you will learn to a deeper level and the benefit of this approach is that you will be a considerably safer driver. 

You will find that I am a strong advocate for teaching "Safe Driving For Life" as safety on our busy road network is all important.

I have some availability for weekends and evenings as I understand that it is not always possible to take lessons during the working week.

Guildford driving instructor Mark Rowett

First Lesson Free - As a welcome to my new drivers I am currently offering you a driving lesson free when you book your first ten hours with me. Call me for more details on 0333 772 9842.

The Post Codes that I cover are, GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4, GU5, GU7, GU21, GU22, GU23, GU24

I look forward to meeting you soon and seeing you achieve your car driving goals.

With me as your teacher, you will learn the skills to drive confidently and safely on today's busy roads.

To take advantage of my special time limited offer of a free lesson, call me today on 0333 772 9842 and let's get you on the road.

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What students said about learning with Mark Rowett


Mark has been an exceptional driving instructor.

He is a patient and clear instructor who turned me from a nervous first time driver to a confident driver in just a few months. I passed first time today thanks to Mark - I will miss our driving lessons!


I would highly recommend Mark to anybody.

I had previously tried two other driving schools and unfortunately found them unprofessional. I went to Prime and was instructed by Mark who I found to be reliable, helpful and progressed my driving professionally and confidently.


Amazing teacher very flexible and really enjoyed my lessons with Mark.


I had Mark as my driving instructor for about 5 months and managed to pass first time. He’s a lovely instructor and is makes you feel very relaxed whilst driving. I definitely recommend as he’s very easy to get along with and very helpful :)


Just passed first time having Mark Rowett as instructor. I can't recommend him highly enough, he is a great instructor and no matter how stressed you are he will give you the confidence you need to become a good driver.

And also for those who have English as a second language, he is the BEST. Don't hesitate to contact him!!! Thank you Mark!


Brilliant teacher,

Very patient and good explainer!! Managed to get 0 driving faults with Mark's help. Would recommend highly!!


Mark is an excellent driving instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has taught both my children to drive and they were comfortable and relaxed with him and enjoyed their lessons. Mark is very fair and flexible which is important at the moment when driving tests can become available at short notice!


Mark is a great instructor.

He made me feel extremely comfortable in the car from the beginning, and made the whole learning experience an enjoyable one.

I felt extremely well prepared going into my test, passed first time and feel very confident now driving on my own.


Top bloke and great instructor.
I passed first time thanks to mark.
Highly recommend!


Having driven a little previously to my time learning with Mark, I had the basics down, but Mark did an amazing job at teaching me all about road safety and learning to be able to drive all on my own eventually. I would deffinitely recommend him to anyone else wanting to learn to drive as a friendly, chill instructor.


Mark is an incredible driving instructor, he was always very patient with me whilst we were out driving. He was also happy to talk about anything which helps put you at ease for your lesson. I couldn't recommend him more - thank you Mark!


Mark was absolutely brilliant. Filled me with confidence from my first lesson, was very patient and relaxed. Helped greatly with my nerves, and we had a great laugh with it too. I would recommend Mark to anyone learning to drive, he really was great.


I highly recommend Mark

Had the best experience with having Mark as my driving instructor. I truly enjoyed the lessons with Mark, his patience and assurance in my driving, really helped boost my confidence.


He was incredibly calm and eased my nerves whilst also providing exceptional advice and lessons which has helped me past my test first time!!

Mark has provided me with the best possible experience whilst learning to drive.

I would recommend him to anyone wanting to start driving


Definitely recommend. Very chill and talkative. Gives clear instructions and a very good teacher


amazing experience and was very helpful


Mark is a great instructor - he is calm, friendly and reassuring. I always felt comfortable with him and when I had a big wobble, he was really kind to me, we talked and he didn’t rush me. He is a really good person and I enjoyed both my lessons and chats with Mark.

I passed first time, thanks to Mark’s tuition and his calm, reassuring manner.


Mark truly is the best of the best, couldn’t have asked for a more calm and encouraging instructor (and always up for an interesting chat). Can’t say enough good things, wouldn’t recommend anyone else, thank you so much!!!


If you want an excellent instructor who will enable you to progress rapidly and is flexible with time, then Mark is your guy

I recently passed my driving test with Mark Rowett as my instructor. He builds up your confidence very quickly and is very relaxed and easy to get on with. Oh, and he's got excellent taste in TV.


Will be forever grateful and would recommend her and the rest of Prime Driving School to anyone.

Would like to say a massive thank you to Lynne who helped me get through both my theory and driving tests even after 18 months she was still committed to helping me get through them both.


Just passed my driving test after learning with Mark for around six months, couldn't have asked for a more patient and kind driving instructor really.

He always took the time to explain things and went out of his way to find a new way if I wasn't quite getting it! Will definitely go back if I need more lessons in the future, THANK YOU!!!


Mark helped so much with my confidence on the road. Great instructor very calm and encouraging.

I would highly recommend!!


Great teacher passed first time.

Mark made me feel calm in the lessons and not rushed. I would recommend him strongly to anyone looking for a driving instructor.


Mark is the best driving instructor out there!!!!! He was really fun to be in the car with and is an all round calm, patient and happy person. If you where to get something wrong when driving, Mark didn't get cross or annoyed but stayed completely chilled out about it. 

You can definitely tell that mark has a passion for cars too and the lessons where defiantly one of the highlights of my week and i am going to thoroughly miss the lessons. Mark is also perfect for people who have anxiety or other possible learning difficulties and helps you overcome things that you thought you may not be able to do when driving and especially because he is really calm and patient towards you and acts like a personal mentor when you are in the car.

Mark was really fun to be around too and you can defiantly have a laugh with him when you are driving. But overall, Mark is HANDS DOWN, the best driving instructor you can find and he will help and support you and it was just a joy being taught by such a lovely person. 

I would highly recommend to any one who needs a driving instructor and big thanks to mark for having faith in me for my driving test and knowing I could pass and keeping me calm. but HANDS DOWN the best driving instructor out there!!! Will really miss the chats, laughs and our lessons now I've passed. Thank you Mark!


Mark has been great! Lessons were always enjoyable and he is very calm and patient. A huge thank you to Mark - I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.


I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Mark. 

He put me at ease straight away with his relaxed and friendly manner. He corrected me on a couple of things that a previous instructor had taught me which weren’t quite right, and I got through my test first time. I definitely recommend him.


Absolute pleasure to be taught by Mark from prime driving school, excellent delivery of skill and ability, in depth knowledge and experience.

Very affordable prices and availability, not to forget the outstanding welcoming and service delivered !


I was fortune to have Mark as my driving instructor. He was very calm, reassuring, and always put me at ease. He is also incredibly patient and overall a really lovely guy, as well as being able to explain the technical aspects of driving effectively. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


Mark has been amazing! George passed his test after learning under Mark's excellent tuition. He is so calm and encouraging. Highly recommend!


Have just passed 1st time with Mark! Only 3 minors. Booked an unknown area but Mark did all his research and we got there nice and early to get used to the area.

Was so nervous before but Mark was so confident in me that it put me right at ease. Lovely car too I must say! Thanks for all your help Mark.


I have had Mark as a driving instructor for the past 7 weeks and I have just passed first time with only 3 minors.

Mark was unbelievably encouraging and really constructive in his suggestions. Progress was so fast that within 2 lessons my parents felt comfortable when I was driving them around (without dual control). Mark was always happy to fit in around school/college arrangements. The car is amazingly well kept and perfect for learning in. I can thoroughly recommend Mark as an instructor and have done so to many friends already!

Thanks Mark.


Was very nervous to get a driving instructor but after the first lesson I couldnt wait to have my next lessons.

Mark made it very easy and helped build confidence. Great guy would recommend to anyone.


Passed first time with Mark
Was an absolute pleasure to drive with. He was an extremely effective teacher and I recommend him highly!


I had great fun learning to drive with a really friendly and supportive teacher. I always looked forward to lessons and will miss chatting to him every week. Thank you so much Mark!


Mark is hands down the best driving instructor you could ask for. He is calm and patient, and never lets you feel stupid for getting things wrong. He creates a super fun and chill environment which is perfect for learning, especially if you are nervous


Mark is a fantastic driving instructor.

Would thoroughly recommend to anyone. He has a cool, calm and collected persona which gives you confidence as a driver, and has provided me with a set of skills for a lifetime. Anyone looking for a driving instructor should have Mark, he is a great teacher!


By far the best of the two instructors I've had. Mark made me feel very confident with driving and had some good life lessons too.

Will be recommending to everyone I know :-)


A big thank you to my instructor , Thanks you Mark for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness, you are very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. Cheers !! .. see you on the road ✋ !


Mark is a great driving instructor as well as a very
nice guy, happy to catch up and chat while teaching.
He shows a genuine interest in his students which
is perfect. Helped me pass first time and enjoy driv-
ing, and his lessons.


Mark is a brilliant instructor who was very patient and gave very clear explanations when teaching me. When I made mistakes in the lesson rather than telling me off he explained clearly what to improve, which I really appreciated. I felt very prepared for my test thanks to him and passed with just one minor. Thank you Mark!


Amazing teacher and very flexible, makes learning to drive very fun and not feel so daunting


Mark is a patient calm thorough driving instructor.

This gave me the confidence to pass my test. I will and have recommended Mark to any of my friends.


Can't imagine having a better instructor to learn with.

I can highly recommend learning with Mark

Always calm and patient but most importantly makes you feel extremely comfortable from the very first lesson.

With a good instructor comes quick progression when it comes to driving, so I can highly recommend learning with Mark. Passed with only 1 minor and so could you. Sad the lessons are over!


Mark is such a great driving instructor! He's always patient and full of encouragement while happy to chat about anything during our lessons, which makes them really enjoyable. I couldn't recommend him enough.


I would highly recommend Prime Driving School!

I have just passed my driving test first time, all thanks to Lynne and Mark! They were incredibly patient with me and they encouraged confidence as my driving skills progressed.


Would recommend Mark to anybody learning to drive. Passed my test first time, couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. Mark made sure i was relaxed in every single lesson and constantly building up my confidence on the road.


Mark was my driving instructor and it was an absolute pleasure to be taught by him. Mark was always very calm and articulate when conveying his points to me, which made it very easy to take on what he was teaching and incorporate it into my driving. Even when I made a mistake, Mark would never raise his voice, instead opting to gently explain what went wrong and how to improve for next time.

He always has a technique to hand which gets you to nail any given driving manoeuvre you need to learn. Plus, his schedule was flexible which meant his lessons were easily adaptable to whatever else was happening in my week.

Mark also made for excellent conversation during lessons. Once I felt more generally confident in my driving ability, we would always have an engaging discussion about various other topics that always made lessons that much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone considering him as their driving instructor!


Really enjoyed learning how to drive with Mark, he put me at ease from day 1 and helped me become a confident driver. He made my driving lessons enjoyable by being easy to talk to and kind. Thank you Mark for helping me pass first time!


The best driving instructor in the Surrey area.
I had a couple instructors before Mark but I can honestly say I wouldn't have passed without him.
The calm, trusting nature of Mark makes it so easy to learn and become a better driver. 100% would recommend to anyone who is looking for a brilliant instructor!!


Great teacher. Always kept my nerves down and was always really helpful. Thanks Mark!


Mark is an awesome instructor:

Passed test first time with just 3 minors. Always calm, very easy to learn from and always worked around the times I was free.

Lessons were enjoyable and Mark really helped me be comfortable behind the wheel. Car is always well kept and perfect for learning in. I'm recommending to everyone who's looking to learn.


I passed my test with Mark from Prime Driving and had a fantastic experience.

Hes the third instructor Id had and without a doubt the best.

I was a nervous driver and a very nervous test taker but Mark helped me immensely. He was always incredibly patient and helpful, ultimately making me a much more confident driver. He was also reliable and prompt in both arriving for lessons and communicating - traits my previous instructors lacked.

I would recommend Mark to absolutely anyone.


I’m very grateful to have had Mark as my driving instructor, who helped me so much with my driving and really improved my confidence too. 

He‘s an amazing teacher, who is patient and always stays calm! He also explains everything very clearly and gives great tips and useful advice. After passing my test today, I now feel confident to go out on my own thanks to everything Mark has taught me in my lessons. 

Thank you Mark!


I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Mark, he was really helpful with my confidence as a driver. He was friendly and relaxed in all my lessons.


I’m the 3rd member of the family to be taught by Mark. I cannot praise Mark highly enough. He is a relaxed but thorough instructor who puts you at ease during a lesson, so much so that you will look forward to every lesson. I would recommend Mark to any one of any age who is looking for an enjoyable learning to drive experience. It has changed my life. Thank you Mark!


Mark's methodologies of teaching are absolutely amazing, making each lesson very enjoyable and easy to learn in. 

I would recommend to drivers of any ability as I had my first lesson with Mark as a complete beginner and I haven't stopped improving with his help.


Mark is an exceptional driving instructor! His patience, clear instructions, and encouragement helped me gain confidence behind the wheel. I felt comfortable and prepared for my test. Highly recommend him 😁


Mark is a great instructor.

Helped me pass and learn how to drive with ease and confidence. 10/10 would recommend


Mark is a brilliant driving instructor. He was so calm and friendly in all of my lessons. He is punctual and flexible in terms of pick up points and times when necessary. He has loads of easy to remember sayings to help you learn. He also helped me go through the show me/tell me questions before my test. I would highly recommend him. 5 stars!


Mark has been a brilliant driving instructor as well as a very pleasant guy, I enjoyed having conversations with him during lessons as it improved my confidence with driving. He is a very good teacher and shows a calm and significant interest to improvement and perfecting your driving skills


Mark is a great guy, definitely one of the best instructors, I'd always be looking forward to lessons.


Mark was an amazing instructor. My son found him to be a brilliant teacher who was excellent at explaining procedures and tackling difficult situations. Could not be any happier with what Mark has taught Patrick. Would highly recommend


Mark always made me feel confident in my driving, making sure I was prepared for my test in the right amount of time. I cant recommend him enough!!


Mark is a very patient driving instructor. I had been through lots of changes with instructors and cars through covid and had had a lot of delay due to the same. Mark was very flexible and approachable throughout. He assesses driving in a very constructive manner, while putting the learner at ease. This helps understand the flaws and act on them better.

I would highly recommend Mark for driving lessons!


Mark was a great instructor would definitely recommend!!


Mark guided my wife Roxy, to first time test success with his calm energy, clear instructions and professional nature.

Do not hesitate to use him, he is far superior to other instructors we encountered. He is also incredibly flexible and accommodating, always going the extra mile. A truly nice guy too.


Mark is an amazing instructor, would recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.


I loved being with this driving school.

I found Mark to be a fantastic driving instructor, he had a calm approach to his teaching, I felt calm and confident when I was in the car with him, I would highly recommend this driving school!


Mark was an amazing instructor. He really helped me with my confidence on the road and had really great teaching methods which allowed me to learn very quickly and thoroughly. He was very reliable and always had availability if I wanted an extra lesson. I would really recommend him as he is an incredible instructor. Many thanks Mark.


Mark Rowett is a very friendly instructor.

He does not stress you. He has these unique acronyms that will help you learn basics easily. He is very accommodative in terms of schedule and timings. I got thru my practical in one go.

My daughter is now learning from him. Highly recommended.


I had the pleasure of having lessons with Mark Rowett. Mark was patient, kind and very helpful towards my driving experience giving useful tips to take on since passing my test. It was such a joy to have lessons with Mark and shall miss them and our talks a lot.


Mark is an extremely likeable guy and great instructor. I passed after my 1st test primarily due to his honesty on where I need to improve and what I was good at. Would recommend to any learner.


Mark helped me pass my practical test first time.

I had only 6 hours with him and was ready for the test. He was very friendly and knew how to find the best way to teach me regardless my cultural and ethnicity background.

I thought my English wasn't very good I wouldn't understand everything he says but he was able to show me everything I needed to know. HUGE thank you to Mark for his help! I can't recommend him more!


Such a good instructor!!

Made learning to drive exciting and fun and I would definitely recommend him to all my friends. :)