Generic Questions

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?

It is different for everyone. Rest assured your instructor will advise you as your lessons progress.

When Can I Book My Test?

The time will come when your instructor does not need to instruct you. Then you are ready for your test.

How Much Will My Driving Lessons Cost?

Each driving lesson will cost £45 per hour. Block booking discounts for new drivers are available.

ADI Franchise FAQ's

Are you looking to take on any instructors at the moment?

Yes we are. As an ADI We can provide you with work quickly in your specific location. As a PDI we can conduct your training and provide you with pupils.

What areas do you cover?

Prime Driving School is a national school and can provide franchises in most locations?

How many instructors do you have in my area?

We manage each area our instructors are located. Some area can have more than one instructor, some do not. We analyse the demand and only add a second instructor if we are 100% certain we can obtain the pupils for our instructors.

Are all your instructors working the hours they want?

Yes, all of our instructors are busy. Our instructors tell us what and when they wish to work and then we obtain pupils for those days and times that each individual instructor wants to work.

How long, realistically, do you think it would take to get to full time hours (normally about 35 hours)?

To be fair it does depend on the area you wish to work in. If you live in a city, then there is more pupils looking to learn to drive, which means we get more enquiries. If you live in a rural location and there are not to many inhabitants and you do not want to travel far, logically it may take a little longer. We have filled instructors diaries in a week before now, but to be realistic, I would allow 4 - 8 weeks.

Are the pupils you provide included in the franchise payment?

Yes, all pupils are provided as part of your franchise and you keep all the pupils fees.

Do you charge a bond?

A lot of schools charge this for a bit of security - Prime Driving School only charge £245 to cover top box signage and administration.

What happens if you are unable to provide me with the work?

That’s never been a problem. However, if we can’t provide you with the work, we will reduce your franchise, or you are free to exit your contract.

What are your lesson prices?

Lesson prices are £45 per hour.

What special offers do you offer to pupils?

We offer an introductory offer of a free hour if the pupil books and pays for the first 10 hours in advance. Available to new drivers only

Do you provide any extra training?

Check Tests, and weekly all inclusive classroom based training sessions enabling your to improve and hone your skills as an ADI are all included in your Prime Driving School franchise. 

We offer as part of our franchise, free Continued Personal Development 'CPD' to all of our ADI's and all under the guidance of an ORDIT registered trainer.

We provide a minimum of 8 modules per year, however any Saturday all ADI's are welcome to attend further training with no cost implication at all for the franchisee. This additional free training is also added to the driving instructors training CPD record.