Payment Options

Paying In Advance

£1950.00 in advance for the training required by the DVSA.

When you have passed Part 1 and 2 as well as completing the required initial 40 hours of training for Part 3 you can teach new drivers on a Trainee Licence.

Training fee structure.

  • 5 hours of in car training for Part Two Advanced Driving
  • 20 hours of in car training towards the 40 hours required for Part Three trainee licence
  • 20 hours of classroom training, held at our top quality training facility in Central Chichester and other locations throughout the uk.

Trainee Licence

A further 20 hours of in car one to one training as required by the DVSA and is included within the package.

Monthly Payments - No credit check will be required

Special Offer for 2021

When you decide to join Prime Driving School to train to become a driving instructor we have taken the unprecedented step of making a facility available for you to pay for your training on a monthly basis, with only a small initial fee at the start of your training of just £250.00.

The fee structure

  • When you start training pay only £250.00
  • Followed by just 12 monthly payments of £150.00
  • Total amount to pay £2,050.00
  • It's that simple and most importantly it's affordable.

It gets better, As soon as you have completed your 40 hours initial training for Part Three. You can start teaching on a trainee licence with real pupils in your own dedicated location with you charging to teach and keeping all the fees charged to your pupils. You could be earning whilst learning within a very short time period and making a real, satisfying and meaningful difference in people's lives.

To learn more call to speak to Lynne, your one to one personal trainer and the school owner today on 0333 772 984 for more detailed information.

Other Fees to Pay

The course fees set out above do not include the cost of the DVSA exams, or training books.

You will need to budget £81.00 for a theory test per attempt. Part 2 and Part 3 tests cost of £111.00 per attempt

The Trainee Licence fee is £140.00 payable to the DVSA and lasts for six months

To use a Prime Driving Schools' car for any of your tests, you need to budget a further £100.00 per attempt

Once you are qualified as a driving instructor the DVSA requires you to purchase your 'ADI Badge' before teaching. This will be a further cost to you of £300.00 and is renewable every four years.

NB Prime Driving School will continue to train and develop your instructional skills once you are an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). All Continuous Personal Development (CPD) will be carried out free of charge under our Franchise Agreement.