What our students say

Shaun Cobb

Just want to say a big thank you to Andy for teaching me not just to pass my test but to be a safe and aware driver for many years to come. Fantastic instructor and a great person thank you again Andy!

Lucy Beard

Thanks Lynne! Yep, still in shock 😂😂 thank you so so much. I'll miss our weekly chats (and having to pull over because we're laughing too much!) best driving instructor ever! Xx

Katie Ellis

Prime Driving School is amazing! My instructor Lynne was so calm which really helped my nerves. I was able to pass first time with only 5 months of lessons! The teaching is impeccable and I can't recommend Prime Driving School enough!


My experience with prime driving was brilliant. After failing previously and not driving for over a year I was coached back into test standard in 4 lessons by Yasin. He is a great instructor and helped me get into the correct practices which ensured I passed 1st time with him


My instructor was always very helpful, calm, and never harsh in his critique, only ever giving constructive criticism that served to help me in the long run. The scheduling was really flexible, and would fit to any specification that I had, and punctuality was on point, with no lesson starting late. Overall, I can not recommend this school any higher.


I set out on my first long motorway drive today... and I was nervous.

But once I started driving, I naturally found my confidence building, as I replayed memories of Daniels instruction and solid advice - it was as if he was sat in the passenger seat next to me.

I had a great experience learning to drive with Daniel. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and a patient instructor. Daniel was always punctual and very fair when it came to the pricing of lessons. He was also super friendly and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good instructor.


There was never a dull moment when driving with Donna, very kind and supportive and always having a laugh which creates a fun drive, Donna did amazing preparing me for my test and I was able to pass first time.


Josh is a very good driving instructor he makes you feel at ease straight away and is patient with you when learning.

He has helped me build my confidence when driving and would definitely recommend him.


Wow! I cannot thank Prime Driving enough! Donna helped me pass FIRST time. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or unprepared! Cannot recommend enough. Well and truly worth every penny!

Abhishek Nath

I would like to state that Rhys Morgan is the best Driving Instructor ever.

I passed with 3 minor mistakes first time due to his excellent guidance and teaching.


I was dubious and anxious about trying in London.... Thankfully Rhys was extremely supportive and more than patient about my nervousness and lack of confidence!

Passed my driving test with Rhys in Sept 2018 with 1 minor! After moving from Wales to london, and already having

failed a number of tests, Couldn't have asked for more 😊. I definitely owe my pass to him! P.) Great sense of humour too 😁 (it cant hurt

can it?!)


Yasin was a really good driving instructor and very easy to get along with thank you for everything


Thank you so much for helping me through my test, patience and very professional and appreciate for all the support and lessons leading up to my driving test (which I passed FIRST time). Would really recommend Prime Driving School and many thanks again for your help.


Mark has been an exceptional driving instructor.

He is a patient and clear instructor who turned me from a nervous first time driver to a confident driver in just a few months. I passed first time today thanks to Mark - I will miss our driving lessons!


Many thanks to my instructor Andrew!

I had a wonderful experience learning to drive for the first time and was prepared (and lucky) enough to manage a pass on my first test.

Andrew was a patient and deliberate instructor throughout all of my lessons. After covering the basics, I had targeted lessons covering each area I felt most uncomfortable or inexperienced with untiI felt confident with every aspect of driving. I was also made to feel very safe and comfortable throughout, without being held back if I felt like pushing myself in a lesson.

Would highly recommend and wish good luck to any new students!


Passed my driving test from the first time by taking 6 lessons! Thank you Chris for all your efforts. Chris is the best and highly recommended.


Passed first time. Amazing and kind instructor.


Donna was wonderful, passed first time!


Paul was a great instructor, very patient and definitely taught me everything I needed to know to pass first time! Would definitely recommend Prime!


Thanks to my instructor Andrew I had an amazing driving experience all the way and passed my test first time!


Penny was perfect, couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.


I just passed my test and it was my first attempt. Flávio was my instructor and he is an amazing instructor through out our lessons. He taught me from nothing to a lot. If you are looking for a best instructor Flavio is a great choice.


David is an absolutely amazing teacher with not only patience, but confidence in his pupils. 

Passing my driving test with no faults is a reflection of his skills and assets as an instructor and I can’t recommend him enough. A truly friendly and caring instructor.


I would highly recommend Mark to anybody.

I had previously tried two other driving schools and unfortunately found them unprofessional. I went to Prime and was instructed by Mark who I found to be reliable, helpful and progressed my driving professionally and confidently.


Amazing teacher very flexible and really enjoyed my lessons with Mark.


Best driving school, best instructor Donna many thx for you


Had Stuart as my instructor - spent a period of time in instructor purgatory looking for the right fit before I started with him. Stuart is a clear, conscious and straight to the point teacher.
He will hold you account and set goals to help you pass while never patronising but supporting and targeting areas of improvement.
Would recommend 🙌 thank you


Many thanks.  Highly recommend David!


I had Carrie Anne as my driving instructor, honestly one of the most loveliest people you will meet. She's so nice and calming in the car and explains everything really well and thorough. Would highly recommend! Passed first time in Portsmouth!


Daniel is a smart driving instructor who always looks out for your well being and always manages to help you improve with your driving abilities.


Admirable temperament. Wonderful instructor, will ensure you're totally safe and confident before allowing your test. Would recommend.


If you want to pass your driving exam first time with the least amount of driving faults reach out to Paul T. Once you get over his terrible jokes, you’ll become a driver in no time.


I’ve had lessons with Paul for a while and passed my test today first time, couldn’t be happier with him and the service he provided.


Jeremy was a great instructor, helped build driving confidence fast and helped me pass my test nice and speedily. Highly recommend Jeremy and Prime driving school.


Passed my test first try after only 10 hours of driving with Caroline. 

An amazing instructor always focused on me as a student driver , correcting my every mistake and teaching me everything in such a gentle and kind manner that everything just stuck with me and I did not have a moment of stress while driving with her, I had previous bad experience with driving instructors but I will recommend her to everyone. Good luck with the test to everyone !!

Alex Dunne

I can't praise Lynne enough. She's so thorough and enthusiastic, best instructor I've had! (There were a few)


Passed my first test with Shaun, who was patient and very helpful throughout!


I had an amazing time learning to drive. After having only a few lessons  I was able to take my test and pass, within a few months. Claire is a lovely and talkative instructor and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you!!!


Jeremy was phenomenal, was incredibly engaging and supportive.
Would 100 percent reccomend him and Prime Driving school


Excellent advice and very patient and understanding. I passed my test first time with Andrew and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get on the road.


Really good driving instructor. Helped me every step of the way and saw me through a pass. Couldn’t thank Sam any more for everything


Mark was absolutely amazing! Friendly, reassuring and honest, So happy to have passed with him


I’d highly recommend David as a driving instructor as he has helped me gain all the skills and confidence I needed to pass my test first time. He is calm and friendly and methodical in his teaching style, which led to my steady progression on the road. 5 stars from me!

Alicia Turner

Really happy with every single lesson! Andy was amazing.


Jacquie was honestly the best driving instructor I could have wished for.

Calm. patient and totally put me at ease the moment I sat in the drivers seat. I don't think I could have passed first time without her.

Her tuition has been invaluable. I am so appreciative of everything she has done with me and I'll be recommending her to anyone and everyone.


"Passed my test first time, and thats all thanks to Jacquie!!!
Best teacher anyone could ask for, had the best time and she made learning to drive a really enjoyable experience. She made sure I fully understood everything I was doing and created a great environment for me to feel completely comfortable.
Jacquie believed in me since the very beginning and always reassured me along the way (even when I was doubting myself) and I don't think I can ever thank her enough for that.
I'm definitely going to miss her and I don' think i'll ever forget her. She's genuinely a fantastic person and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone who has never driven before and wants to have an amazing time driving :)"


"I had Mark Gaze as my driving instructor and I reached out to Prime Driving School after my last instructor made me very anxious and scared. I think it's easy to say that if you compared my first lesson with Mark to my last, you would think I was a completely different person!
He was very calm and kind and I really enjoyed learning with him! He had a great way of teaching which made me feel confident and was not over complicated, Because of this I managed to pass first time! Now, if I ever lose confidence in my driving again, I will definitely want Mark by my side!


Daniel is a great driving instructor and I would very highly recommend him. 

He helped me in just 3 lessons to pass my driving test on the first time! I had lessons with another instructor before I found Daniel and I was about to give up ever getting a license but Daniel turned everything around. He is calm, supportive, and built my driving confidence back. He is also a super nice person!! 

You can’t go wrong choosing Daniel to help you pass your test.


I passed first time with Prime Driving School

Thank you to Sayeed and Prime Driving School for ensuring such quality teaching.

I Couldn't have asked for a better, more patient and professional instructor than Sayeed.



Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value


I had Mark as my driving instructor for about 5 months and managed to pass first time. He’s a lovely instructor and is makes you feel very relaxed whilst driving. I definitely recommend as he’s very easy to get along with and very helpful :)


I would highly recommend prime driving school to anyone who wants to do lessons Caroline was an amazing instructor passed my test today first time👍🏽


I had shaun as my driving instructor and he helps me to pass my driving test. He was very helpful and very patient and went out of his way to make sure I passed my test before my theory test runout.

I would recommend him to my friends


Thank you to Shaun who helped me pass my test first time!

Patient, honest and professional Shaun motivated me and supported me. Lynne is fabulous and should be proud to have such a fantastic team member.


I have failed 6 times before and started to loose hope. Flaviu built up my confidence and made me believe that i could pass my test. He worked unsociable hours to help me pass my test and taught me how to drive and park perfectly so when under pressure in my exam if it was not perfect it would still be a pass. I took 1 test with him and passed with few minors. I couldn’t recommend Flaviu enough and am so grateful for all he has teached me.


Donna Carey was an amazing driving instructor who got me from beginner to passing first time within 6 months. She made me feel so comfortable and confident in my driving. Shes reliable and wants the best for her students. I highly recommend her for anyone who's looking for high quality teaching. Thank you so much.


i just passed my test today!! and i had danny for 6 months and he was amazing!! he was calm and and just the best. he made sure i was comfortable when driving never shouted and was just absolutely amazing. i can’t thank him enough for everything


Could not recommend Stuart from Prime Driving School enough! I’ve always been a nervous driver with little to no confidence in my ability but thanks to Stuart’s excellent teaching and constant encouragement I was able to pass my practical test!

He was happy to answer any questions I had and never made them feel silly, and would point out when I had done something well in my driving as well as where improvements were needed, which really helped my motivation and self belief. 

Thanks for everything!


Graham was my instructor for the past 6 months and he was a great instructor. He was very helpful and I’m so grateful for all the support to help me pass my test.


I recently had the pleasure of learning to drive (Automatic) with Mei, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. From the very first lesson to passing my driving test in my first attempt, Mei demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, patience, and expertise.

One of the most striking aspects of learning with Mei was her exceptional patience. As a nervous learner, I often found myself making mistakes and feeling frustrated, but Mei remained calm and supportive throughout every lesson. Her ability to create a relaxed and encouraging learning environment truly helped to build my confidence behind the wheel.

Furthermore, Mei possesses an impressive depth of knowledge about driving techniques, road rules, and safety measures. She took the time to explain concepts clearly and thoroughly, ensuring that I do not only understood how to perform maneuvers but also understood the reasoning behind them. This approach not only facilitated my learning process but also instilled in me a sense of responsibility and mindfulness while driving.

Moreover, Mei tailored each lesson to suit my individual learning pace and needs. She was flexible and adaptable, addressing any areas of weakness while also providing challenges to help me progress. Their constructive feedback was always delivered in a constructive and supportive manner, allowing me to learn from my mistakes and continuously impro


Passed first time with bags of confidence! Couldn’t of thanked Enayet more!
Thank you so much!


Mark was an incredible driving instructor, he helped me go from someone who was very nervous of driving to a confident driver. Passing my test first time was only possible because Mark was so patient and helped me gradually build up confidence in my lessons. He taught me everything I needed to know about driving and was an amazing instructor, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive!


I was test ready pre-covid, and ended up having to put the whole process on hold till this year. At times it felt like starting all over again, and could have been a really frustrating process if it wasn't for Andrew! We got straight to working on what my weaknesses were, and he had loads of patience with me whilst I got back to grips with everything. On top of that, he was great at helping me get over my test anxiety, and I even passed first time!


I had Penny as my driving instructor, she made me feel calm when driving and explained everything really well and was super easy to get along with! If you are looking for a good company to learn with then I recommend them! Thanks prime driving for helping me pass my test ⭐️


Flavio was the perfect instructor for me; kind and with a lot of patient, firm but fair. I pass my test 1st time. Also reliable and easy to contact for lessons.
I will definitely miss my lessons with him.
I would highly recommend contacting if your looking to learn and pass your driving test.

Ana Sav

Thank you Steve for the patience you had.

I drove you bananas with my 'what if..' questions, while I jumped to your throat out of the blue 'cause I was being tired or cold or hungry or stressed and thank you for the belief you had in me when I lacked confidence!

I couldn't have hoped for a better instructor. 


Just passed first time having Mark Rowett as instructor. I can't recommend him highly enough, he is a great instructor and no matter how stressed you are he will give you the confidence you need to become a good driver.

And also for those who have English as a second language, he is the BEST. Don't hesitate to contact him!!! Thank you Mark!


Mr Flaviu, is the top man, he is very patient, he is very supportive, this man is very encouraging,, he goes above and beyond, to help you to be better,, he makes sacrifice to give the lessons I needed,, he is very reliable,, when ever other instructors couldn't give me, he took me,,, I recommend this man to any and everyone.


Passed my test on the first time thanks to Enayet!! Couldn’t thank him enough for his calm and supportive nature to get me through it 🥳


Patsy is a wonderful instructor. I managed pass my test first time after 7 lessons with her. The lessons with Patsy were amazing.


Brilliant teacher,

Very patient and good explainer!! Managed to get 0 driving faults with Mark's help. Would recommend highly!!


The right instructor. Light hearted yet strict in teaching. Teaches to be a safe apt driver, and not just to pass a test. Clear, concise instructions and advice.


Thank you Andy for everything and for not letting me give up your the best instructor ever.

Thanks again


Fully recommend Paul D'Arcy.. very professional and honest. Good at reporting after each lesson.


I have no words to express my gratitude to Flavio for helping me to pass the driving test in first attempt.

Flavio is an exceptionally wonderful instructor. He is firm ( just to make sure you are doing right thing ) , but patient and polite. He carves you into the best driver. 

He has even spared his valuable leisure hours for me to pass this test.  His instructions are so precise and easily understandable. I would say he is an amazing person. There is no need to rethink before having him as your instructor. He is definitely the best instructor. I would highly recommend him if you are looking forward to learn and pass the driving test.


I highly recommend prime driving. Graham is the best driving instructor I could have asked for. He is always on time, corrects you with any faults and also lovely to get along with!! Thank you Graham !!


Mark was my second instructor and I wouldn’t change him for anyone else. He was very professional and patient. Gave me so much confidence. Really enjoyed our lessons and would definitely recommend you :)


I had Donna as a driving instructor and she was very good!! She made me feel relaxed and was encouraging. Every lesson I felt more confident. Definitely would recommend :))


I had Donna as a driving instructor and she was very good!! She made me feel relaxed and was encouraging. Every lesson I felt more confident. Definitely would recommend :))


Mark is an excellent driving instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has taught both my children to drive and they were comfortable and relaxed with him and enjoyed their lessons. Mark is very fair and flexible which is important at the moment when driving tests can become available at short notice!


My son passed first time with Stuart so I would like to recommend to others what a great driving instructor he was.

Right from the start of me contacting the school they where very accommodating and managed to get him started with his instructor straight away. My son said he felt very at ease with him and found him very patient and very informative we would highly recommended Stuart 👍


I had an exceptional experience learning to drive with my instructor Donna. Her patience and kindness made all the difference in building my confidence behind the wheel. With her expert guidance and supportive teaching style, I was able to pass my driving test. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to learn how to drive in a calm and positive environment. Her dedication to her students is evident in every lesson, and I'm truly grateful for her help in achieving this milestone."


I moved from Red driving school to Prime and thats where my instructor Deborah gladly taught me her tips and tricks on how to pass my driving test and I passed my test with 0 faults courtesy of her.

So if you live in South East London and want a good instructor for a reasonable price then I would highly recommend Deborah.


Had a great experience with Yasin, he's a patient and understanding instructor. Definitely would recommend as he made the entire learning experience smooth and relaxing.


Passed my test with Flavio. He pushed me to work hard and train more. Excellent style of teaching. I had previous experience of driving in my home country and failed my test multiple times with other instructors. Flávio’s method of teaching is great . Highly recommended.


Jeremy is patient, clear in thinking, efficient and friendly. I am really lucky to meet such a good instructor. Besides, I come from China, my English is not good, but I can understand everything Jeremy said! Thank you Jeremy.


Passed after struggling for a long time. Daniel was very accommodating and helped me achieve my goals in driving and learning with him.


Mark is an excellent instructor and a very friendly and patient man.

I am really happy that I learned here!


Very reliable extremely polite very professional
Always willing to push you to be a safe driver if you struggle with confidence Mark is The best Instructor I have ever been with
And a big thank you 😊


Passed first time! My instructor was Sayed, he's a great guy and instructor. He stays calm but always pushes you in the right way to progress and drive to a high level.


I wasn't a natural driver but I am now driving with confidence.

Rhys was great. He is relaxed and fun to spend time with, but takes his job seriously. Also, if you're looking for a 90s music expert for your pub quiz team, Rhys is your guy.


Passed first time! Thank you Danny, will be recommending to friends!


First time pass. From start to finish was a great experience, incredibly patient and Knowledgeable. Willing to let me make mistakes and coach me on where i went wrong and exactly how to improve. Rarely made the same mistake twice as a result.

Would highly recommend to any new learners.


100% recommend Matt. He makes every lesson extremely fun and helpful. Also helped me pass first time!!! Genuinely couldn’t have asked for anyone better.


It was a pleasure working with Jacqueline. Lessons were fun. It was an easy journey and I can't believe it's all done with no stress. Will recommend Jacqueline.


Daniel was an amazing instructor he was so patient and was always happy, couldn't ask for a better instructor.
I even passed first time with 2 minors
thank you very much
highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today I passed first attempt with the help of Enayet. I am an anxious driver and never drove in my life!!, tried many instructors, but non had been patient like him, I gave him difficult time tbh, but he was very accommodating, dedicated and kind. No words could describe how grateful I am for his help and support.


I passed my test this morning with Danny as my instructor and I couldn’t sing his praises louder. He has been the most kind, patient, charming teacher and I have so enjoyed my time learning with him. He does such a fantastic job at helping you believe in yourself and have confidence in your ability.


Donna is a fabulous instructor, I couldn’t recommend her enough! I passed first time all thanks to her brilliant teaching and support . She was always encouraging , caring and friendly . Thank you so much Donna !


Stuart was my driving instructor, I was recommended by him from a friend. He has helped me so much feeling confident driving and passed today! Thank you so much for everything! Couldn’t recommend him as an instructor enough to anyone learning to drive.


David is an absolutely amazing driving instructor. He made me feel so confident behind the wheel. He is so informative and is all round a very good instructor. I really recommend! :)


Great lessons, learned so much so quickly and I would highly recommend this driving school!

Absolutely brilliant


Mark is a great instructor.

He made me feel extremely comfortable in the car from the beginning, and made the whole learning experience an enjoyable one.

I felt extremely well prepared going into my test, passed first time and feel very confident now driving on my own.


Graham was a brilliant instructor, passed my test first try


Passed first time thanks to Mark Gaze. He was very patient with me and helped me throughout. Would recommend!


Thanks to Stuart & Prime driving school for helping me learn to drive. Stuart has amazing tutoring skills & was patient at all times. I passed first time & would recommend to others.


Claire Shepherd was super helpful, excellence communication and feedback on lessons. Claire was very pleasant and patient, her instructions were easy to understand, I would recommend her with out hesitation. passed 1st time!


Top bloke and great instructor.
I passed first time thanks to mark.
Highly recommend!


Carrie Anne is an exceptional driving instructor who truly goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to become safe and confident drivers. From the very first lesson, it is clear that Carrie Anne is passionate about teaching and is dedicated to helping her students succeed.

One of the things that sets Carrie Anne apart from other driving instructors is her ability to tailor her approach to each individual student. She takes the time to get to know her students and their unique learning styles, and adjusts her teaching methods accordingly. This means that whether you're a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner, Carrie Anne will find a way to make sure you understand the material.

In addition to her excellent teaching skills, Carrie Anne is also incredibly patient and encouraging. Learning to drive can be a daunting experience, but Carrie Anne is always there to offer support and reassurance. She has a way of making even the most nervous student feel at ease behind the wheel.

Overall, I would highly recommend Carrie Anne as a driving instructor. Her passion for teaching, personalised approach, and patience and encouragement make her an exceptional choice for anyone looking to learn how to drive safely and confidently.


Patsy was my driving instructor and I cannot recommend her enough. I passed my test first time with zero faults. She was encouraging, patient, professional and fun (we went to my favourite places including dell quay). Also a big thanks to my parents who gave me so many hours of practice outside of lessons which were invaluable!


Having driven a little previously to my time learning with Mark, I had the basics down, but Mark did an amazing job at teaching me all about road safety and learning to be able to drive all on my own eventually. I would deffinitely recommend him to anyone else wanting to learn to drive as a friendly, chill instructor.


Mark is an incredible driving instructor, he was always very patient with me whilst we were out driving. He was also happy to talk about anything which helps put you at ease for your lesson. I couldn't recommend him more - thank you Mark!


Thank you so much Paul, can't put into words how happy and grateful for you helping me pass today


I cannot recommend Caroline enough! I got in touch with her as my experience with my first instructor wasn’t great. He had got me pretty much test ready but then completely knocked my confidence before the test and i didn't end up taking it.

I decided to change instructor and got in touch with Caroline who was completely honest about my level of driving, and helped rebuild my confidence with her enthusiastic and kind approach. I felt so much better after just 4 extra lessons with her. We worked on the test routes and she explained exactly what to expect in the test. We also did an hour before the test to calm the nerves which was a great idea. I ended up passing first time with 2 minors, and i believe this is mostly down to the confidence Caroline helped instil in me!

If you’re looking for someone that will build your confidence and explain things in simple and clear ways definitely don’t hesitate!



I had Ilohna as my driving instructor and I couldn't have asked for anyone better! I was so nervous when driving before starting with her and she got me to be confident in my abilities. Such a lovely and kind person and I still miss my lessons with her.


loved every second of it, easy 5 stars. from the very first lesson he taught me in a really nice way which i could understand easily and he made all the content simple and explained it well. even after he got a new car and i only had 3 lessons in it before my test i still passed (lovely car btw except the digital speedometer x). overall it’s been a really nice experience learning with david and i’d recommend him to anyone that’s looking to learn. he always kept it fun and interesting and personally i really enjoyed it and i’m rlly gonna miss having me lesson every week. thank you so much xx

Ben Norris-Warton

Prime Driving School has been absolutely above and beyond in their quality of teaching.

My Instructor, Lynne has been brilliant. She's clear with instructions, very encouraging, gives really good explanations and instructions on how to improve and what to do and is really lovely and chatty. Lynne's car that I have used in my lessons is really good. It drives smoothly and is responsive and Lynne keeps it in excellent condition.

When I first met Lynne, she told me she was very proud that her car's alloys have never scratched/scuffed. I'm pleased to say that even after my driving of the car the alloys are still as was! - which goes to show how good her teaching is.

Prime is well worth the money! I recommend Lynne and her business 100%.


Paul is a brilliant instructor with lots of patience and skill! Couldn't have passed my test without him, so grateful for his time. Couldn't recommend more! 😁


Mark was absolutely brilliant. Filled me with confidence from my first lesson, was very patient and relaxed. Helped greatly with my nerves, and we had a great laugh with it too. I would recommend Mark to anyone learning to drive, he really was great.


I couldn't recommend Paul highly enough. Throughout our lessons, he has taken the time to explain how things work in the car, on the road, and has over the months built my confidence in driving which I'm extremely grateful for. The test preparation we did was super helpful and I'm overjoyed at passing my test on the first go. Thank you Paul for teaching me how to drive, and for the kindness and patience you have demonstrated throughout. It truly means the world.


My lessons with Rhys were spot on.

His teaching style was thorough and effective. His experience as an instructor was made evident through the well timed progression in the lessons resulting in a steady pace of learning and my feeling comfortably prepared on the day of my test.

Many thanks Rhys


Caroline was a fantastic instructor. She made me feel confident and capable and I felt much more comfortable driving with her as I did with my precious instructor. I’ve just passed first time and I can’t thank her enough! Much recommended!

Brad Challis

Steve helped me across the finishing line after a long time struggling to pass. Brilliant instructor and driving school.


Thank you to Graham at prime driving for helping get ready to take my test and pass second time round had a great experience and highly recommended Graham and prime driving school


Peter was an amazing driving instructor.

Extremely patient all the way through my learning experience never overloaded me with too much information at one time and made the whole learning process easy to digest.

Peter was Very friendly and made me feel comfortable from the get go making any previous nerves soon vanish.  All in all very happy with my experience with peter and would recommend to anyone.

Bradley Shepherd

Andy was the best driving instructor I ever had, made me feel confident in my driving.


Where do I even begin with Craig…… Craig has been absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! From the moment we first started driving to the end. his knowledge is next to none!!!!!! I would recommend him to anyone looking to drive!!!!!! 15/10


Flaviu helped me pass my test in 15 lessons! I passed with only one minor! That is thanks to Flaviu’s great teaching, not only did he prepare me for the test I was going to take, he prepared me to feel comfortable driving every day.


Thanks to Chris, I passed my test first time and with zero faults.

He not only taught me how to pass my test, but also how to drive safely and economically on the road. He is a funny, friendly guy and I would definitely recommend him along with Prime Driving School for any new or improving drivers.


I highly recommend Pete as a driving instructor. He is patient, reliable and easy to get along with.

After learning the basics with a family member, I began lessons with him and passed both my theory and practical test first time. Before my practical test, we practised test routes frequently and also visited the test centre which definitely helped with easing nerves. We also did a few lessons after passing to make sure I was comfortable in my car which helped me get on the roads confidently and independently, and have now completed 600 miles a month after passing.

I would recommend Pete to anyone looking to begin driving or build up their confidence. PRIME DRIVING SCHOOL


Had Donna as my driving instructor, great lessons and always made it fun and enjoyable. Passed first time with just one minor thanks to Donna! Thank you very much!


Couldn’t thank the driving instructor Steve more for helping me pass my test first time! He was very understanding, thoughtful and helpful throughout the entire process :)


Mark has been an amazing instructor, so calm and patient. Explains everything very clearly and makes you feel very comfortable and in control when behind the wheel! Would highly recommend him as every lesson was a joy!


Great experience, I passed first try


Danny is a very good driving instructor. He is very good at explaining things and he is very patient. I would recommend him to everyone looking to pass.


Very good instructor highly recommended got me through my driving in less then 5 months wouldn’t of chosen anyone else


Would recommend to new and experienced drivers.

Josh has excellent patience and knowledge to help you pass your test.
Modern car and driving techniques taught.


I had a great experience with Prime driving school Hayling Island. Carrie-Anne is not just a driving instructor but as well a nice company and I always enjoyed my lessons. She was patient and reassured me that it would all be alright. I would recommend her to anyone that does need lessons.Thank you!


I passed first time with Donna! She is without a doubt the most amazing driving instructor. Donna is kind, patient and will always happily go at your own pace. She is a respectful teacher. I am grateful for you helping me pass my test, can not Fault her at all, Thank you very much.!!


Donna has given me so much love, support and confidence throughout my lessons with her, giving me the pushes I need to pass my test, without her I wouldn’t have passed first time.

Thank you Donna for being there for me.

Lessons with Donna are comfortable, informative and she makes you feel calm and like you have control of your vehicle.


Passed first time thanks to my instructor Steve!

Great lessons, learned very fast with him and prepares you beyond expectations for the test.

Highly recommend."


Mark was my instructor, he is brilliant, patient and very easy to talk too, would definitely recommend him


I highly recommend Mark

Had the best experience with having Mark as my driving instructor. I truly enjoyed the lessons with Mark, his patience and assurance in my driving, really helped boost my confidence.


Rob is an excellent instructor and I couldn’t recommend taking lessons with him more. I felt like I made more progress with every lesson and I’m now much more confident in my driving abilities. Rob is always supportive and really listens and gives clear instructions. Having previously had lessons with another instructor in the Guildford area, I found that Rob’s teaching style is much better and I honestly cannot fault him.


I did my driving lessons with Stuart and then Patsy, both instructors are very friendly and the lessons were always fun. We bought doughnuts just before my test, definitely helped! Very happy to pass, thank you Stuart and Patsy!!


Patsy was such a supportive driving instructor and really helped me feel much more comfortable in the car. 

Each lesson she would ask what it was I’d like to achieve/cover during our time and then tailor her lessons around this which helped me to progress and improve my driving a lot faster than I did with my previous instructor.

Her general positive attitude really helped me to enjoy our lessons and I got much more out of them as a result. Thank you Patsy!


I cant express how happy I am with this guy ! I was trained with other " famous" schools but until I found this man FLAVIU i was wasting my time ! This guy change my life . I dont know from where did you find him but belive me its absolutly the best what money can buy. I strongly recomend Flaviu! I should have started with this guy!



"Very highly recommended! Paul is an absolutely fantastic instructor. 

He is patient and professional and has been so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. I passed my practical driving test yesterday (first time - no minors) and I owe it all to Paul’s excellent teaching. 

Thank you Paul!"


Very highly recommended! Paul is an absolutely fantastic instructor. 

He is patient and professional and has been so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. 

I passed my practical driving test yesterday (first time - no minors) and I owe it all to Paul’s excellent teaching. 

Thank you Paul!


Passed first time with Steve. Could not have done it without his patients. Made me into the confident driver that I am which really made the test feel easier than anticipated!


Learning to Drive can be hectic but, with a fun to teach instructor who makes it so easy and simple is Sayed from Feltham!!

No fuss guy highly recommend. Thanks mate, Chadley


After having lots of problems with OTHER driving schools & instructors, we eventually found Paul D’Arcy within a week he helped me so much with fine tuning all bad my habits and with only 7 lesson he helped me pass my driving test today :)


I had danny as my instructor and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I passed first time which I was over the moon about. He helped me with my theory which I struggled with the most, without his help I don’t think I would have passed.

He was absolutely amazing, always asking me what I would like to work on so I feel confident on all parts of driving. Always made me me feel very comfortable whilst on lesson and he is very easy to talk to and have a laugh with. he gave me a lot of confidence in my driving and believed in me to pass my test (more than I believed in myself) he is very patient and will also explain anything your struggling with in full detail. couldn’t recommend danny enough, if you’re looking for an instructor I would 100% go for him! You won’t regret it. 

Thankyou so much for everything, couldn’t have done it with danny.


He was incredibly calm and eased my nerves whilst also providing exceptional advice and lessons which has helped me past my test first time!!

Mark has provided me with the best possible experience whilst learning to drive.

I would recommend him to anyone wanting to start driving


David taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test and how to be safe on the road. It was a really good learning experience the whole time and I enjoyed it


Definitely recommend. Very chill and talkative. Gives clear instructions and a very good teacher


Ilohna is a brilliant driving instructor and always makes you feel comfortable while driving, you can always have a laugh with her as well, definitely wouldn’t have gone with anyone else


Stuart was a great instructor. Patient, efficient and friendly. Passed first time with zero minor faults! Could not recommend him enough!

Charlie Parrott

One of the best driving schools, worth the money.

Lynne is great


Passed my test with Steve today,

Couldn't recommend him enough. He made me feel so comfortable and has helped me get over my anxiety of driving. I am going to miss our weekly lessons and can't wait for my sister to learn with him!

He is accommodating and understanding and easy to talk to. Couldnt have done it without him!;


A huge thank you Mark for teaching me how to drive!!!
Friendly, professional, patient and so calm are just a few words I would use to describe you. Not only have you taught me some great driving techniques and tips (which I am now passing onto my family) but I have become a confident, experienced, safe driver thanks to you.
You were very flexible arranging lessons and always contactable which really helped as my time was split between Uni and home.

I am really looking forward to doing my Pass Plus with you.

Thank you so much for being such a great instructor!!!"


Graham is such a good instructor, very patient, understanding and very reassuring if you are a nervous driver


Graham is such a good instructor, very patient, understanding and very reassuring if you are a nervous driver


I highly recommend Shaun to any learners out there.

He is a patient and encouraging instructor, who truly cares about getting you through your test and to be a confident driver once you are on the road.


Mark Gaze was the best instructor that I could have asked for

! He was so patient and informative with his teaching and worked hard to help me build my confidence out on the road! Marks teaching was not only informative but also fun and I generally enjoyed learning to drive with mark! I can't thank him enough for helping me to pass first time!


I had Danny as my instructor and I couldn't of wished for a better driving instructor! He is so calm and patient and amazing for building confidence! 

Passing my test was bitter sweet as I'm really going to miss our lessons.


I highly recommend Shaun to any learners out there. He is a patient and encouraging instructor, who truly cares about getting you through your test and to be a confident driver once you are on the road.


Amazing driving instructor, she is an amazing, very patient and friendly. Explains things very well would highly recommend.


Graham has been excellent. He has always very punctual and prepared with lesson reminders. He has really helped me to get ready to pass my test on the first attempt in a short space of time. He has been very patient which has helped me to feel much more confident and has been really helpful in correcting specific mistakes and explaining things clearly. Thank you!


Shaun is a very friendly and patient driving instructor. I felt confident learning with him and passed my test first time round! I would recommend him as an instructor


Stuart was a great instructor for my daughter Charlotte. Passed first time


Thank you so much to Donna for helping me pass first time, no faults! Donna was an amazing instructor, really patient and kind. Really easy to chat to so put me at ease immediately. I would highly recommend her to anyone! So glad she helped me on this journey! Thank you again!


It is amzing to pass the driving test after all the hard work, very well guided by my instructor, Mr.Mark Gaze. Teaching from A-Z , encouraging and guarding in all ups and downs, took me through to the success, Thank you


I had Danny as my driving instructor and passed my test today!! Really could of not done it without him made me feel confident! Always reassured me and made the lesson fun! deffo will be recommending him to family and friends!


I passed my driving test in my first attempt because Enayet is a very good communicator. He helped me master my driving routine. I am very grateful for all the hard work. You are the best. Thanks


I am a super nervous driver but Lynne was amazing

I have finally passed, couldn't be happier and couldn't have done it without Lynne


Graham was amazing as my driving instructor.

I passed my driving test first time with him and he always made me feel comfortable and was very helpful especially when it came to slotting me in coming up to my test. 

I thoroughly recommend him!


I was lucky enough to earn the privilege of being taught to drive by Shaun. 

My confidence in driving escalated a massive amount and I am extremely grateful. The endless support and motivation he gave me,helped me to pass my test.

He had a lot of patience for me and I’m someone who gets anxious very quickly. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends who have yet to pass as well as people that I don’t know


Thank you so much Graham for teaching me, I couldn’t of done today without you😀


Patsy has been the most incredible driving instructor to say the least.

I suffer from IBD and anxiety, and driving was a massive challenge for me in terms of confidence and self belief.

I passed first time after having so many challenges to face. I am so thankful for all the effort she put into our lessons and all the support I had with her. I am the confident, happy person I am today because of her - not only in my driving but myself as a person. Thank you so so much Patsy - I will miss our drives and laughs together, you have changed my life always for the better.


Struggled to even find an instructor that could cater to my schedule before, but whether it was evenings or weekends he could always fit me in.

Can't rate him and the service he gives high enough.

Thanks again, Mark


Carrie Anne is great instructor and has helped me pass first time with only 2 driving faults. Thank you


Mark is a really good driving instructor, he explains how to complete manoeuvres well. Mark has an extensive knowledge of the local area, and lessons were spent actually progressing with my driving as opposed to being stuck in traffic! I passed my driving test on my first attempt and this is thanks to his teaching and skills as an instructor.


It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Mark.

I cant thank Mark enough for having faith in me and teaching me one of lifes most important life lessons!

He put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable and able to believe in myself. It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Mark.

Thank you.


I cant thank Mark enough for having faith in me and teaching me one of lifes most important life lessons!

He put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable and able to believe in myself.

It was a pleasure to learn to drive with Mark. Thank you.


I passed my test first time today with Steve. He was the most understanding and patient teacher I could’ve asked for and I can’t stop recommending him to everyone I know! So grateful and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better:)


Enayet was amazing!

He really helped me develop as a safe driver and to assess my own level and where I needed to make changes. 

I couldn’t recommend him more! Thank you!!!


Wow... I honestly couldn't rate Paul highly enough! I passed my driving test 8 years ago and up until recently, not been back in the driver's seat since the day of my test (meaning that my confidence with driving has been very low).

I booked 2 refresher lessons with Paul, and immediately he managed to put my mind at ease, and made the whole experience of driving again really enjoyable. He explained things in a way that really resonated with me, and made things that previously seemed a huge challenge feel really simple - something that my original driving instructor hadn't managed to do.

Paul really let me lead the way, whilst bringing so much positivity and enthusiasm to our lessons, meaning that I'm now really excited to get back in the car again! 

10/10 experience, and such a game changer for me moving forward. Thank you so much Paul!


Danny has been the perfect driving instructor from starting out to passing my test. He is amazing at making learning to drive a nice, calm, refreshing experience...something I honestly didn't think I would ever say about driving!

My nerves on test day could have easily got the better of me, but Danny's calm and positive mindset really helped. I certainly couldn't have passed without him!

Will always recommend Danny to anyone that wants to learn...(especially if you're a bit nervous).


Donna is absolutely fabulous, she made my lessons relaxed and filled with laughter. I have grown so much in confidence couldn’t recommend Donna enough!


My driving instructor Paul was awesome. He helped me improve my driving whilst keeping it fun. Appreciate the professionalism which he maintained, which led to me passing. Thank you!


amazing experience and was very helpful


Graham is a great driving instructor. I had great time learning and getting ready to take my extended driving test. Which I managed to pass first time today with Graham's much needed and appreciated help. I strongly recommend his services. Thanks Graham


I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, thank you Chris.

I would and have recommended Chris to friends as he is a great instructor, keeps you calm and keeps you confident, just what you need to learn to drive. Thanks again Chris


Mark is a great instructor - he is calm, friendly and reassuring. I always felt comfortable with him and when I had a big wobble, he was really kind to me, we talked and he didn’t rush me. He is a really good person and I enjoyed both my lessons and chats with Mark.

I passed first time, thanks to Mark’s tuition and his calm, reassuring manner.


I’m internațional driver and I have done refresh course with him. I recommend him for his patience and professionalism! The best! Thanks.


Had lessons with Claire from August until now, she is an absolutely amazing teacher, really patient and really calm, would recommend to everyone!


Mark truly is the best of the best, couldn’t have asked for a more calm and encouraging instructor (and always up for an interesting chat). Can’t say enough good things, wouldn’t recommend anyone else, thank you so much!!!


I've been learning to drive with Josh since earlier this year and have found him to be a very good instructor that I would recommend to anyone.

He also advised me to book my test in Chichester as I had a long wait for my test in Portsmouth which got me my licence a lot sooner.
Thanks josh


If you want an excellent instructor who will enable you to progress rapidly and is flexible with time, then Mark is your guy

I recently passed my driving test with Mark Rowett as my instructor. He builds up your confidence very quickly and is very relaxed and easy to get on with. Oh, and he's got excellent taste in TV.

Dana K

Big thanks to Alex!

I've had bad experience with my previous instructor, so changed to Prime D.
Passed my test today morning from 1st attempt after 1 month of driving!!!11

Highly recommend! :)

Dana K.


Due my anxiety I have lost my hopes I will ever get a licence, I have try different instructors but its look nobody have enough patience with me, until I found Flaviu. He create a very secure environment for me making to feel always in safe behind the wheel. Thank you so much for your profesionalism ! I will miss our lessons!


Will be forever grateful and would recommend her and the rest of Prime Driving School to anyone.

Would like to say a massive thank you to Lynne who helped me get through both my theory and driving tests even after 18 months she was still committed to helping me get through them both.


Easily one of the best driving instructors around the Guildford area.

Before Mark I had a few other instructors and was finding it hard to progress but with Mark's calm and efficient approaches to teaching I was able to improve and past my test.

Would 100% recommend


Just passed my test with Daniel's help from Prime Driving School. Very patient with great approach and very professional. Got this noob (me) to pass with one minor within few months. Just Amazing. Recommend


Passed my exam on my first try! Stuart is an amazing instructor! Will definitely refer school to friends!


I had Claire as an instructor and had lessons for a few months and I passed first time! I definitely recommend!


It's really a good experience with the instructor Flaviu. If there are 10 stars, I am gonna give all 10.


Patsy was a kind, informative, and very switched on instructor.

As someone who'd been learning for a long time due to COVID and other factors I'd had issues with other instructors trying to reteach me lots of things that I didn't have time for before my test. 

Patsy was great at working with what I already knew and knowing where to brush up any flaws I had, doing so well that I passed after only 5 lessons with her!


I had the pleasure of having Penny as my driving instructor. She was super patient and very supportive of me, and worked around my schedule perfectly. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone! Words cannot thank her enough - super grateful :)

Dan Underwood

Prime driving school was a great choice, because I got Martin as my instructor. I was so relaxed when having my lessons. And today I passed my test. All thanks to Martin.

I would recommend anyone who wishes to learn to drive and no doubt pass.

Martin's your man. Thanks again Martin.


I have passed my exam today the first time with Mark’s help as my instructor. We had 50 hours in total of practical lesson where I learnt everything and was prepared for my test. Thank you


Big Thank You to Mark Wise who helped me passed my test first time. Would highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a patient driving instructor


Great company and my driving instructor Joshua puts you at ease and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive


Flaviu is the best teacher anyone could have. As a student time isn’t always on my side however his patience, adaptability and dedication to teaching me is unwavering. His attention to detail is spot on and his motivations are incredible. Lessons with him , I wasn’t aiming to pass the test , I was aiming to pass with 0 faults what so ever. All the confidence he had in me I now have in myself with driving so many thanks Flaviu , you legend.


Best instructor I’ve ever had, helped me pass my driving test with zero faults. I couldn’t be any happier with the support I received from my instructor. I definitely recommend prime driving to pass your test.


Enayet was a wonderful driving instructor. I have just passed my test with no faults, I am soooo over the moon. Thank you again


Graham has so much patience! Thank you for helping pass my driving test on my first attempt! Incredibly happy! 

Graham took the time to help me correct my mistakes and practice everything! Including the horrible parallel park! 😂 thanks again!


Deborah has done well in equipping me to pass my test on my first attempt under her instruction with only one driver fault.

She has me feeling very confident in my road safety. she's also kind and friendly which makes the experience enjoyable


Graham is a very good instructor.
He patiently corrected all my driving faults. He is very punctual and well organised person.
Thank you Graham for helping me to pass my driving test


I had the best driving Instructor Debra.

So lovely and patient with me and made me pass first time, even though I didn't believe in myself.

Thank you so much Debra. Make sure you guys book with her you won't regret it xx


Donna is an AMAZING instructor and I highly recommend her if you are completely starting from the beginning or re-starting like I did. Donna is one of a kind!!

I re-started my driving lessons in November 2022, after covid put a halt to my previous driving plans. Every lesson with Donna has been the most fun, memorable and positive experience ever and completely changed my mindset on driving which I can only thank her for!! 


Very helpful for getting you ready for the test and making you a safe driver on the road. I wish him all the best and recommend him completely.


I passed the exam the first time and my Instructor Daniel helped me with this, he is very patient and calm, and most importantly, he knows his job, he is a professional, I want to say thank you for the journey !!! He's the best!!!


I had Donna as my driving instructor and honestly, don’t think I could of passed without her. I have had other driving instructors but Donna was by far the best. She helped me overcome my driving anxiety which was something I never thought I could do. 

So thank you so much, would definitely recommend!!


Really enjoyed learning in Chichester/Selsey area with a great and patient driving instructor Steve. Would highly recommend.


Very easy to talk to instructor who made me feel safe and in control the whole time. Honestly no complaints would highly recommend to anyone needing an instructor.


Well where do I start with Prime Driving School,? An absolutely great company to be a part of.
Paul keeps us all up to date with new legislation & making sure we all have enough pupils..

The lovely Lynne is professional but so friendly & approachable her knowledge
of driving is endless.

The classroom sessions are great & a must for your journey in becoming an ADI..

When I I first met lynne she promised me she would get me to qualify & she kept her word. I trained under a pink licence whilst still doing my catering job, so this worked great for me.
I can honestly say wish id done it years ago.

All the other instructors are a great bunch too.
I would recommend Lynne as a Trainer 100%.


My daughter has just passed her driving test following her lessons with Caroline. Caroline has been a great teacher, calm and patient. She gave my daughter immense confidence and practiced the exercises as often as needed in order to enable her to pass her test. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to future students.


Today I passed my driving test and I am so so happy!!! I honestly could not have done it without Caroline's calm assurance, kindness and knowledge of tottenham/ wood green test routes. I felt fully prepared thanks to her and could not recommend her highly enough as an instructor.

Dr. Giulia Zampini

Rhys was really patient with me and definitely made me feel able to make progress despite my initial fears and struggles.

I had virtually zero driving experience when I started lessons with Rhys, and was quite self conscious of being an older and inexperienced learner (who really likes to talk and ask lots of questions).

Rhys quickly understood how to use my tendencies to my learning advantage, for instance by drawing diagrams that would explain mechanisms in theory and in detail before attempting the practice. Im an academic so this worked well for me.

As I began to trust him and his judgement further, I made more significant progress and I managed to pass my test first time. Thanks Rhys!

Dr Zampini


Donna is a Lovely lovely women. Really friendly and amazing teacher. Always positive even if you make a mistake. 100% recommend!!

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