Standards Check Test Training

Approved driving instructor (ADI) standards check training

As an ORDIT registered school we can offer Standards Check Test training.

We have found just a couple of hours in car training is enough to get you ready.

Training is carried out by Lynne the school owner and she can be booked by calling on 0333 772 9842.

Should you like to just have an initial chat with Lynne about your particular requirements, then call her direct on her mobile phone 07941 164289 she would be more that willing to advise you.

Set out below is information to read to prepare yourself for the test.

1. Overview

The approved driving instructor (ADI) standards check assesses your ability to teach pupils.

The ADI standards check has replaced the ADI check test.

You have to take at least one ADI standards check during each 4-year period that you’re registered as an ADI.

You have to take a standards check even if you don’t have a car or aren’t working as an ADI.

You can only take standards checks in English or Welsh.

When to take your standards check

You’ll get a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency asking you to go for your standards check. It will say when and where to go.

There is no additional fee for a standards check.

You can be removed from the ADI register if you don’t go to your standards check.

There are different rules for taking a standards check in Northern Ireland.

2. What to take to your standards check

You must take:

  • your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration certificate
  • a car that meets the requirements
  • a pupil

Your pupil can’t be an ADI or someone who is preparing to take the ADI part 3 test. They can be a learner or a full licence holder.

Car requirements

The car you use for your standards check must:

  • be roadworthy, safe and reliable, ie it’s less than 3 years old or has a valid MOT certificate
  • have working rear seat belts
  • be fitted with L plates (or D plates in Wales) if your pupil is a learner

You can’t use:

  • a soft-top convertible
  • a car with a 2+2 seating arrangement rather than full-size rear seats

Your standards check will be cancelled if your car doesn’t meet the requirements. Another appointment will be booked for you.

You can be removed from the ADI register if you keep bringing a car that doesn’t meet the requirements.

Bad weather

You should call the standards check bookings team as soon as you can on the day of your standards check if there’s bad weather. Ask to speak to the ADI examiner.

If nobody answers the phone, and the conditions in your area aren’t looking too bad, it’s likely that the examiners are:

  • checking the local roads to see if driving tests can go ahead
  • taking driving tests because the conditions are suitable

However, this isn’t a guarantee that your standards check will go ahead.

You should tell the standards check bookings team if your check is cancelled - they’ll make a new appointment.

ADI standards check booking team

Telephone: 0300 200 1122

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Find out about call charges

3. What happens at the standards check

A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency examiner will watch you give a normal driving lesson to your pupil.

The examiner will look for evidence that you meet the national standards for driver and rider training.

What you’ll be marked on

You’ll be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories:

  • lesson planning
  • risk management
  • teaching and learning skills

The 17 areas of competence are listed in the ADI standards check report form, which the examiner will fill in during your check.

You’ll get a score from 0 to 3 for each of the 17 competencies, which are added up to work out your grade.

After you give the lesson, the examiner will discuss your performance and give you your grade. This will take about 15 minutes.

You can take your trainer or mentor with you, but they can’t take part in the lesson.

4. Your standards check result

You’ll get your grade, along with your completed standards check form at the end of your standards check.

Total score Grade Description
0-30 Fail Your performance is unsatisfactory
31-42 Grade B You’ll stay on the approved driving instructors (ADI) register
43-51 Grade A You have shown a high standard of instruction and you’ll stay on the ADI register

You’ll automatically fail if:

  • you get a score of 7 or less in the ‘risk management’ category
  • the examiner stops the lesson because you’ve put yourself or someone else in danger

If you fail the standards check

You’ll have up to 2 more attempts to pass the standards check.

If you fail 3 times:

  • you’ll be removed from the approved driving instructors (ADI) register
  • you’ll have to retake the ADI tests to join the ADI register again

Complain about your standards check

Complain to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency if you’re not happy about the way your standards check was carried out.

Appeal your standards check

You can appeal if you think your examiner didn’t follow the regulations when they carried out your standards check.

Your result can’t be changed, but you might be able to take another standards check if your appeal is successful.

You have to appeal to a magistrate’s court or sheriff’s court.

You must appeal to a:

  • magistrate’s court within 6 months if you took your test in England or Wales
  • sheriff’s court within 21 days if you took your test in Scotland

5. Old 'ADI check test' grades

The approved driving instructor (ADI) standards check replaced the ADI check test on 7 April 2014.

Old ADI check test grades will apply until you take your first standards check.

If you got a grade 2 or 3 in your last ADI check test, you’ll have 2 attempts to pass the new ADI standards check.

Old ‘ADI check test’ grades

Grade Overall performance
6 Very high
5 Good
4 Satisfactory
3 Inadequate
2 Poor
1 Extremely poor
E Educational check test
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