Changes To The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Standard Checks

This Saturday our driving instructors training session had a superb presentation by grade 'A' instructor Steve, on the changes coming to what is known as the 'Standards Check Test'

This is a measure of the teaching ability of driving instructors. We at Prime Driving School include 'Standards Check Test' training to all of our instructors as standard. As a consequence our driving instructors do have high pass rates and many first time passes also.

Why is this important? 

Because the DVSA are now using the driving instructor's pupil test pass/fail records to measure the individual driving instructors possible standard of teaching. Computerisation makes this a simple process.

What does this mean for driving instructors going forward?

If a driving instructor presents a candidate for their driving test and that candidate is not at test standard, then subsequently fails their driving test dismally and this is happening on a frequent basis it will now be shown on the driving instructors record and may trigger a  need to check and assess that driving instructors standard of teaching. If a driving instructor fails their standard check test, they may be advised to take further training with an ORDIT registered trainer and then be tested again by the DVSA.

This is good news for the industry as it will raise the quality of teaching to our new young drivers.

We have found that potential superb driving instructors have been let down with their training from many larger establishments which has then led to that trainee being potentially lost to the driving instructor industry.

Prime Driving School as an ORDIT registered establishment, carrying out one to one driving instructor training, whole heartedly support this new initiation being rolled out by the DVSA

If you feel that you could teach someone to drive and you believe that you could teach to the highest standard, read what it takes to be a driving instructor by clicking the link, https://www.primedrivingschool...then simply 

call us on 0333 772 9842 leave a few details and our ORDIT registered trainer Lynne, not a salesman, will call you back at a mutually convenient time to explain a little more detail about training to be a driving instructor with Prime Driving School.