Farnham Pupils - DVSA Lifts Covid-19 Restrictions for English DrivingTests


The DVSA lifted COVID-19 restrictions affecting driving and theory tests in England from March 1st 2022 in line with the government announcement that English restrictions ended from 24th February.

The changes are:

  • Face coverings will be a personal choice for practical and theory test candidates and examiners
  • Driving tests will no longer end early unless the candidate's driving so poor it is a risk to their personal safety and that of other road users - in line with the pre-COVID-19 policy
  • Instructors and accompanying drivers are able to sit in on driving tests
  • You no longer have to self isolate if you have COVID19, but we encourage you to rearrange your test if you feel unwell for any reason

With these changes we should now starting to see more driving tests becoming available and a more test dates becoming available.