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This what we our driving instructors have achieved today. All of these driving instructors mentioned trained with Prime Driving School and we have taken this post off of our social media site.



It's only Tuesday and we have had 5 driving test passes. It gets better, we have had 5 driving test passes all passing 1st time. That's something special.

It's special because it shows the high standards of teaching, driving instructors and organisation that we maintain at Prime Driving School.

So who are they, these amazing students...

We have Sam and Lee who passed with Mark in Gosport. Well done guys a fantastic result.

We have Zita and Ricky in South East London and taught by the ever popular Rhys. Great result. Superb drives

And finally and by no means least we have Emmie who passed at Portsmouth test centre with Josh as her driving instructor. Portsmouth is a difficult area to take your test in with many challenges along the routes. But that was no problem for Emmie or Josh. Bang, 1st time pass. Well done.

We do have to and we are also proud to send a special congratulation to Tom who had Mark, our Grade A Gosport based instructor to teach him, Tom passed his driving test with zero faults. We call that a clean sheet and Tom certainly cleaned up today. Well done.

Remember, as I was told many years ago, back in the day. "Now is when you really start learning". With that in mind guys ,drive safe, just like you have been taught by your brilliant instructors from Prime Driving School.


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