You could save up to 54p a litre by simply changing your driving style.

How Farnham Drivers Can Lessen The Impact Of Yet More Fuel Price Rises

Save Money Today!

At Prime Driving School we advise motorists to take steps to ensure that their vehicles are as efficient as possible in the face of rising fuel prices.

Fuel prices hitting a new record high at the pumps across the UK is tightening the squeeze on motorists pockets.

Filling a 55-litre fuel tank now costs nearly £100 and it's easy to resign yourself to the idea that there is nothing you can do about it, but that is not the case.

While fuel prices are likely to remain high, drivers can get more miles per gallon by looking into ways to improve combustion. 

How would you like to save up to 30% on your fuel consumption?

Our driving instructors at Prime Driving School all have been trained in 'Eco Safe Driving' and we teach this to all of our new pupils and those looking for refresher lessons.

The way that a driver accelerates, over brakes at times, approaches junctions and many other driving practices make huge differences in what fuel our cars consume. 

To show you how to save fuel and of course money we will conduct a driving route with you. We coach you to drive the route twice, once as you would normally drive and a second time using driving techniques taught to you by your Prime Driving School instructor. As well as saving money by using less fuel you will be safer on the road and a confident driver. 

You could save up to 54p a litre by simply changing your driving style.

By focusing on 

  • Use of gears
  • Have greater anticipation of the road and your surroundings
  • Throttle usage
  • Speed 
  • Airconditioning
  • Tyre Pressures
  • Roof racks and boxes
  • Idling 
  • Regular servicing 
  • Driving off from cold
  • Removing excess weight

You will save fuel and Prime Driving School will teach you this on your driving lessons.

Also fuel conditioners improve the combustion of light fuels including Petrol and Diesel. In tests carried out by SulNOxEco by simply adding fuel conditioners to your tank you can save up to a further 8% on your fuel consumption.

To book your Eco drive training in Farnham, and start to instantly save money, contact David by clicking the link and filling out the lesson request form at the bottom of the page and you could be instantly saving money on your fuel.

Eco Driving Training In Farnham