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Become A Driving Instructor

When it comes to choosing your driving instructor trainer to teach you to become a driving instructor, you want the best out there, why? because you want to be the best instructor that you can be. This is your career, your income, your family's security and your life.

But how do you know you have chosen a top quality trainer and the best driving school to guide you on your new career? Possibly it might be to obtain recommendations from people that you know or someone a friend might know, which is great.

But how do you really know if you have made the right choice? It's by finding unbiased opinions from many sources who have been through the process successfully. Those driving instructors who have been taught by your potential trainer. They can explain in detail about their time being taught to become superb driving instructors.

Today we have received such a recommendation from Mark who is teaching in Guildford, has a full pupil diary and is a successful, happy and fulfilled driving instructor with Prime Driving School. His recent testimonial that he has just sent in to us is below for you to read.


"I recently passed my ADI Part 3 under the tutelage of Lynne Von Wildenrath, I cannot speak more highly of her support, guidance, expertise, generosity in giving up her time and all round personal investment in me.

Having decided to embark on a new vocation in becoming a Driving Instructor I can't believe how lucky I was to find Lynne.

Anybody seeking the same path as me and wanting to become what is such a rewarding and enjoyable role, could not be in better or safer hands. Lynne is so passionate about the profession and Prime as a Driving School, with the fantastic support of Paul, are true experts in this field and I feel privileged and proud to now be a part of the team and to be able to call myself a Prime Driving School instructor.


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