Driving Instructor News - Yellow Box Junctions

Prime Driving School, has learnt from the RAC that that eight in ten motorists struggle at box junctions.

A recent survey identified that two-thirds of drivers say that they find it difficult to get through some yellow box junctions without stopping. Almost half admit they sometimes get stuck in them accidently.

Poor sequencing of traffic lights is blamed by 78% of those that struggle to stop, while 32% blame other drivers forcing them to do so. One in five believe the box junctions are badly designed.

London and Cardiff are currently the only local authorities that are able to enforce yellow box junctions with cameras and issue penalty charges.

Box junctions can also heighten stress for drivers as those at the front of traffic lights often feel pressured to move on as a result of impatient drivers behind who don't realise they are being prevented from doing so by the presence of yellow lines.

Yellow box driving junctions

When you train to be driving instructor with Prime Driving School, we give you the tools and the training to educate your pupils how to handle not only the stress of pressure from other road users at yellow box junctions, but how to navigate all conditions and potential circumstances we can come across on today's road network.

Working as a driving instructor is rewarding as you are teaching our new drivers to drive safely for a lifetime. 

If you are interested in becoming an independent self employed driving instructor call Prime Driving School and our head trainer Lynne today on 07941 164 289 and have a friendly chat.

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