Eco Safe Driving Taught By Prime Driving School Instructors

This week at our Saturday driving instructor training session we worked on 'eco safe driving'. 

Within this training module we learn how to help our students to drive in a way to save over 20% of fuel consumption, thereby helping their pockets and our planet at the same time.

It is incredible the savings to fuel consumption that can be achieved with just a few adjustments to your driving style. Our driving instructors teach these techniques as standard and our new drivers are certainly reaping the benefit with their fuel and cash saving.

As a driving school and a driving instructor training establishment, we at Prime Driving School always aim to be forward thinking on the changes within driving skills and legislation as time goes forward.

Should you want to train to be a self employed driving instructor, working the hours you want to do and fitting work time around family, click the link below to see what is involved and if you are still interested contact us on 0333 7729842 and get your new career on the road.