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Meet Mike...

Mike is a former professional footballer having played for Brighton FC among others. When Mike's playing days were over he worked as football coach with some of the most Elite clubs around the UK.

Mike also worked as a football scout, travelling throughout Europe, working for Celtic FC amongst others. Now look where their young talent has got them to, winning the Scottish Premier League this year for one and more to come we are sure. Most recently Mike was the assistant manager at West Bromwich Albion.  

Now that is some CV and we have only touched on part of his illustrious career.

Mike was looking for a new challenge, but a challenge that still enabled him to use his life time of coaching skills and Mike decided he wanted to train to be a driving instructor and chose ORDIT registered, Prime Driving School for his training,.

He chose Prime because he wanted top quality training that matched his own ideals of what a trainer should be. With that being Mike's top priority, he chose Prime Driving School as the most professional to work with and to glide his career path in a new direction.

Mike with West Brom.

Prime Driving School worked with Mike to obtain funding from the FA to help him with this sideways move in to driving instructing and the FA were fantastic helping Mike as much as they could.

Well Mike flew through training akin to a Ronaldo gliding down the wing, unstoppable. A true pro and he qualified in record time.

Today you will find Mike teaching for Prime Driving School in the Worthing area.  Look out for his red car.

A great story and what an asset Mike is for our new drivers.

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Should you be looking for a career change just like Mike has, contact us on 0333 772 9842.

We can if you would like, organise a meeting at your convenience to answer any questions that you may have


Maybe you would prefer to have a friendly informal chat with our head trainer and school proprietor, Lynne.  You can call her direct on 07941 164289. She may be teaching when you call, so simply leave a message on her answer phone with a few details about yourself and a convenient time for a phone call and Lynne will call you back and explain all about training to be a driving instructor.

Lynne processing Mike's ADI Licence