Driving Instructor Training Passes


'I only wish I had met you years ago....'

Claire trained and qualified as an ADI in 2021. Having been in a job that was stressful and unrewarding for some time, the lock down period enabled Claire to evaluate her working life and with determined resolve Claire embarked on her full research to find out as to what was involved in training to become a driving instructor.

As soon as we all came out of lock down Claire sought out ORDIT registered Lynne to undertake her ADI training with. Claire put her total trust in Lynne and Prime Driving School and hasn't looked back. Here is what Claire has had to say about her experience of being under the wing of Prime Driving School;

" Thank you Lynne for your invaluable support in my journey to changing careers and becoming an ADI. 

During times when I questioned myself and my ability you were there full of motivation, passion and a wealth of invaluable knowledge. The support of the Prime Driving family is tremendous and I am honoured to be able to call myself a member of the team.

I will be forever grateful to you Lynne and I only wish I had met you years ago."