Driving Instructor Training Passes


"Highly recommend joining this company."

Daniel harboured ambitions whilst working helping people with housing at the council. He set out to learn to train to become a driving instructor with one of the national branded driving schools.

Daniel quickly dissapointedly found out there was not a trainer available in his area with that particular national school and he had to do something about that if he was to learn what it takes to become a driving instructor.

Daniel initially contacted us at Prime Driving School to see if we could help him with a few lessons on teaching roundabouts as he did not know where he would get the required training.

After meeting the team here at Prime Driving School, Daniel quickly made a decision to join us at Prime where he decided to start from scratch with his training. Daniel not only got the full support of his ORDIT registered trainer, but had weekly extra free ongoing class based training, 24 hour telephone support from his trainers, a full teaching diary within seven days , along with further ongoing support from his fellow instructors.

Needless to say that Daniel passed his final qualifying exam and is now out on the road happy that he chose Prime Driving School to launch his new career as a driving instructor.

"I would like to say a huge thanks to Lynne and Steve for the support getting me though my training.
It's been a long journey!
Highly recommend joining this company as there is such a large team with regular classroom and support through a group with a swift response on a members chat
Also separately I would like to thank Paul, for the constant list of pupils and updating my details and making sure that I am OK.
Prime would be the way forwards.

Daniel Cooper"