Surrey Fire & Rescue Recommends ORDIT registered Prime Driving School for ADI Training


It is not well known but to be able to teach someone to safely drive a fire engine, the Fire & Rescue Service trainer needs to achieve the qualification as an ADI. Prime Driving School and specifically our principle Lynne, has worked with Surrey Fire & Rescue and West Sussex Fire & Rescue to help their trainers to become fully qualified driving instructors. (ADI's)

These incredible trainers working at our Fire & Rescue departments have qualified under Lynne's guidance and we have been honoured to work with some of the most amazing individuals within our society.

We have kindly been send a wonderful testimonial from the Driver Training Manager at Surrey Fire & Rescue so as to give confidence and trust regarding Prime Driving School's quality of Driving Instructor tuition to anyone considering which training establishment will give you the highest quality training and work with you to give you the best opportunity to qualify as an ADI.

As well as working with the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, Prime Driving School has also helped West Sussex Fire & Rescue following the recommendation of the Driver Training Manager at Surrey Fire & Rescue.

Here is a photo of Bill from Bognor Regis Fire Station receiving his certificate for passing his ADI qualifying exam from Lynne who taught Bill one to one. Well done Bill.

We also had a little meet up with Peter along with others from Surrey Fire & Rescue to award them their individual ADI pass certificates from Prime Driving School

Are you researching which would be the best ADI teaching establishment for your training in a new career as a driving Instructor?

Our goal for this blog, is to simply show the high esteem that Prime Driving School is held and we suggest you call Lynne direct on 07941 164289 and ask her how she and Prime Driving School can help you develop your new life as a driving instructor.

To read more about Lynne click the link below and take a look around the Prime Driving School website


To date Prime Driving School has a 100% pass rate for those committed to their training with Prime Driving School and have successfully become ADI's working and being supported by our team.

Call Lynne direct on 07941 164289 to hear more and get your new career on the road. (Excuse the pun)